Adventure at high see

A sailboat’s speed depends directly on the wind, so I had to read something about this region’s prevailing winds. Of course, I needed to keep silent about the forthcoming sailing excursion, otherwise it would not be a surprise. In the winter, I chartered a Bavaria 33 sailing yacht with captain. It required the entire spring to develop a route. The final strategy then coming back to the villa, and was: a week of sailing in the Adriatic Sea. We were undoubtedly lucky with the villa and our hostess.. Early Rovinj. I admire such window views, and the church bells chime in the morning. You can inquire the majority of the tourists slumber and the city both night and day, when excursionists are gone, when you stay in the historical center. Four in the morning may be the best time to sink into the historic feeling nearly all alone - blog

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